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Fees & Payment Policy

Our corporate policy, regarding fees and tariffs for legal services, is primarily aimed at provision of our Clients with an opportunity to become familiar with our approaches to pricing in advance and, thus, to evaluate and identify potential charges for our services.

One of the main criteria, our pricing policy is based on, is to develop clear and transparent financial arrangements with our Clients that are understood by both parties in the same manner.

In order to build trust-based relationships with our Clients while determining fees for legal services, we have prepared the following information.


Hourly Rates

In general, pricing for PLP Law Group legal services is based on hourly rates of our lawyers depending on their experience, level of qualification and according to the position of a lawyer. Hourly rate is used primarily for legal service packages or projects when it is impossible to estimate in advance the amount of time and efforts to be spent by lawyers while dealing with the Client’s issues, the fact that does not allow to determine the exact amount of the fee.

Hourly rates of the PLP Law Group lawyers:

Partner – 150 € per hour;
Senior Associate, Attorney       – 120 € per hour;
Leading Associate                –   110 € per hour;
Associate –   100 € per hour;
Junior Associate –   80 € per hour;
Legal Assistant –   50 € per hour.

Hourly rates are applied to all the time spent by the lawyer working on cases (projects) of the Client except for the time spent on internal communications of the staff concerning the project (goals setting, transferring cases from one lawyer to another, internal reporting and monitoring of the order implementation, internal meetings, consultations etc.).

Hourly rates are applied using 6-minute increment (0.1 hour), that is the time spent is rounded up to the value multiple of 0.1 hour.

The payment for the time the lawyer spends on traveling and waiting (travel time) is calculated at the rate of 50% from the amount of his usual hourly rate specified above. But during the business trip of the lawyer aimed at dealing with the Client’s issues the waiting time payment is calculated at the rate of 50% using the limit of no more than7 hours a day.

The use of the 50% rate for the hourly payment in accounting for the travel time allows the Client not to overpay for the "technical hours", for our part, we can partially offset the shortfall fees at normal rates in case of the alleged time the lawyer spent as travel time on other expert work on the issues of the Clients.

In case of providing urgent legal services or services on off-hours the hourly rates  must be paid at least time-and-one-half (per hour). During the weekends and public holidays the hourly rates are doubled. However, we reserve the unconditional right to defer such services until the next working day.

Flat fees

This type of fee is applied to client projects involving the use of standard procedures, for example, incorporation and reorganization of a company, registration of the share issue, calling and convening of the general meeting of shareholders, or to certain legal issues when we can predict in advance how much time it will take to achieve the desired result.

Contingency fees

In some cases, legal services may be provided basing on a percentage of the amount awarded if the specified with the Client result is achieved. The contingency fee for the obtained result is determined as a percentage (usually 30%) from the pecuniary gains actually received by the Client, however, the amount of the contingency fee cannot be smaller than the minimal amount of the contingency fee agreed upon with the Client in advance. In the case of achieving the specified result, which cannot be measured in monetary terms, the contingency fee is paid within the pre-agreed amount. The specified fee type is charged in particular for the projects dealing with debt collection, appeals to tax and duty charges, penalties etc. The direct costs incurred are reimbursed by the Client additionally and they are usually paid irrespective of the achieved results.

Combination of Several Types of Fees

The total amount of the fee can be determined by combining and joining certain types of fees in the way agreed in advance with the Client. For example, the amount of the contingency fee can be reduced in case when hourly rates are used as well.

A very common method in our practice is the use of subscription fees as well as hourly rates. Typically, the subscription fee payable monthly in equal agreed with the Client amount does not depend on the scope of services provided during the month and may include the time spent by the lawyers on technical handling of the documents (copying, scanning, archiving), telephone consultations of the Client, monthly scheduled visits to the Client etc. We encourage to the subscription plan, for example, by simultaneous discounts applied to hourly rates.


While working with the issues of our Clients the lawyers may incur direct costs in the form of cash paid to third parties in the interests of the Client. Examples of such costs might include paying court fees, government charges, individual fees for obtaining certain documents, payment for the services of a notary, a translator, an assessment officer, an expert, an auditor, a financial advisor, an accountant, remuneration for external advisors involved in the Client's project, travel expenses, communication expenses etc.

These expenses are covered entirely by the Client. Accounting of the direct costs is performed separately from the fee, which is reflected in the billing documents.

In some cases, expenses for archiving, scanning and copying of the documents are also subject to reimbursement, unless otherwise is agreed with the Client.

Direct costs of over 100 €  are subject to prior consultation with the Client, unless otherwise is provided by the agreement with the latter.

Travel expenses usually include per diem allowance in the amount of 60 € per one lawyer sent on a business trip, and the expenses for traveling to/from the business trip destination and accommodation expenses.

The total amount of costs subject to reimbursement by the Client for the benefit of PLP Law Group can be additionally adjusted according to the amount of taxes that are imposed depending on the form of payment of such sums.


Deposit is defined as a stipulated advance payment to be paid by the Client. In the process of the services provision the deposit is considered as a fee and/or compensation of direct costs. When the amount of the remaining deposit gets smaller, we inform the Client in advance about the necessity to make additional payment of the deposit.

The deposit payment is the necessary prerequisite for further provision of legal services, unless the arrangement presupposes a comprehensive subscription plan or provision of legal services under the terms of the contingency fees.

Determination of the deposit amount depends on the expected scope and nature of legal services.

The unused deposit amount is refunded to the Client after the completion of the legal services provision.


Bills for the services provided are usually presented monthly. The specifications (in case of hourly rates), which contain a detailed description of all the work carried out within the project of the Client, travel time structure, as well as the information on the amount of the direct costs are attached to the bill.

The specifications allow the Client to understand how the cost of legal services is calculated, what kind of work was carried out and when, which members of the staff worked on the project and how much time they spent on dealing with the Client’s issues.


The bills for legal services provided and compensation of the costs are payable within 3 business days after receiving. In case of delayed payment a penalty of the double rate of the National Bank of Ukraine may be applied for each day of such delay, unless otherwise is provided by the agreements with the Client. For the Clients' convenience we accept payment by VISA and Master Card.


Typically, legal services provided by our Company are not subject to VAT. However, if the client is interested in paying for the services subject to VAT we can also offer such an opportunity. It allows the Client-VAT payer to create the tax credit of VAT.


For our part, we make every effort to optimize the Client’s costs for legal services. In particular, the project work is distributed among our staff so as to use the level of skills of our lawyers in the best way within the shortest period of time spent for each of the projects.

We give recommendations on the most appropriate strategy to achieve the necessary result in the case, including recommendations as to the resources involved.

You can also benefit from the useful general tips on optimizing the costs for legal services, in particular using the wikiHow.


We believe that we are able to provide you the best legal services at a reasonable price. As our experience proves, it can be done best through a comprehensive and open discussion of the financial issues from the very beginning and throughout our cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding bills or specifications, do not hesitate to contact us for appropriate explanations, we will be happy to explain you any position in the specifications and answer any questions about the services provided.

Please send your inquiries, comments and suggestions regarding billing and payment for the legal services provided by PLP Law Group to billing@plp.kiev.ua

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the time of our lawyers and specialists of the financial department spent on answers, explanations, consultations as to billing, specifications content, the ways to optimize the costs for legal services etc. is not to be paid for by the Client.